Finnish national and international StarT Gala 2018

The StarT Gala is a memorable award ceremony organized on Tuesday 5rd of June in Tampere, Finland. The Gala is partly in Finnish, partly in Swedish, and partly in English. English speakers will be able to follow the programme.

 In honor of Finland’s centenary the LUMA Centre Finland together with its cooperation partners has launched a new StarT model that supports the implementation of integrative project-based learning in schools, kindergartens, and extracurricular activity groups. In StarT students learn together and from each other by carrying out and sharing their phenomenon-based projects.

The sharing of projects and learning from each other culminates in the StarT Gala. The Gala is a celebration of the success of both Finnish national and international StarT activities in the current academic year. The teams of children and youngsters will be awarded for their projects, and learning communities will be awarded for their good practices in the implementation of interdisciplinary phenomenon-based learning.


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The programme of the gala:

the program will be presented here later.

The StarT Gala is part of the International LUMAT Symposium 2018.