Award categories 

StarT will award:

1) creative teams of children and youngsters and their supervisors

2) the best practices of learning communities related to carrying out StarT and possible StarT fairs

3) the most active country

There are five categories in awarding the project teams depending on the age group of the children or youngsters: 1) 3-8-year-olds 2) 9-12-year-olds 3) 13-15-year-olds and 4) 15-19-year-olds 5) 20+ year-olds

Families participating in StarT are allocated to the category to which they belong judged by the average of the participating children’s ages. A warm welcome to all!


The grand prize of StarT is a trip to to the StarT Gala organized in Helsinki, Finland, on May 23rd, 2017. The grand prize will be given to one project team (a maximum of six persons including adults), as well as to one learning community for the best practices related to carrying out StarT (a maximum of two representatives). The award includes travel costs and accommodation in Helsinki for the team.

A live stream of the gala will also be available online. The StarT Gala is a memorable award ceremony where each invited team will be awarded one of the main prizes. Participation in the gala and receiving awards will also be possible through live video calls.

In addition, three project teams and three best practices of learning communities chosen by the StarT jury from all StarT participants will receive the international LUMA StarT award 2017.

The top project teams will receive special honorary diplomas and exclusive visibility in the media. Other successful teams are awarded surprise awards.

The most active country in the StarT project will also receive exclusive visibility and an honorary diploma.

Every participant will receive a diploma of participation.