Welcome to StarT 2017 – 2018!

LUMA Centre Finland invites schools, kindergartens, families, and extracurricular activity groups from all around the world to invest in the future and take part in StarT 2017-2018 to share the excitement of collaborative learning!

Learning and sharing through project-based learning!

In StarT students carry out exciting, innovative projects related to the StarT themes. The format of the projects is entirely free of choice! StarT encourages collaboration between learning communities and other actors, experts, even companies! StarT gives schools and kindergartens new ideas and support for the implementation of project-based learning and establishes a new kind of science-fair culture that focuses around collaboration and teamwork. Learning communities network with each other, get visibility, and learn from each other as they see each other’s projects and ideas.

Read more about joining StarT on the StarT website

StarT is an operational model offered by LUMA Centre Finland, in which over 800 learning communities from 36 countries participated in 2016-2017. A central part of the international StarT community is sharing and learning from each other through collaborative events. The learning communities are free to organize StarT-fairs in which they can share the excitement of learning with others. StarT 2017-2018 culminates in the international StarT gala, where the success of the entire international StarT community is celebrated and the best teams chosen by the StarT jury receive the International LUMA StarT Award 2018. In 2017 these honoured awards were handed out by the minister of education of Finland, Mrs. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

More detailed information about the programme for the year you can find on the StarT website