International recognition for the StarT programme: invitation to the IDoS forum in Berlin 

The biannual “International Dialogue on STEM Education 2019” conference takes place in Berlin 5.-6.12.2019. This year the conference focuses on the role of science, technology and mathematics in education for sustainable development during early years education. The central goal of the conference is to bring together initiatives and experts to discuss how STEM education can empower children to contribute to creating sustainable societies. The keynote speakers are Professor Dr Ilan Chabay (Head of Strategic Science Initiatives and Programmes and Scientific Project Leader of the GSSF and KLASICA projects at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies) and Dr Ha Vinh Tho (Former Programme Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan and Co-Founder of Eurasia Foundation). Read more about the conference here.

The StarT programme organised by LUMA Centre Finland was invited to the conference as an internationally distinguished example of an initiative that empowers children to use STEM in solving issues related to sustainability. The conference sought out exemplary initiatives from different continents and StarT was chosen to represent Europe together with another initiative. In StarT children and youngsters get to create authentic solutions to issues in their own environment, and as such develop the skills and self-efficacy required from them to be able to contribute towards sustainable societies. However, StarT focuses not only on young people but also on teachers, whose exemplary best practices are shared through the programme. 

StarT will host a workshop at the conference, and in accordance with the motto of StarT the topic will be “sharing the joy of learning”. As such, the workshop focuses on the special expertise of StarT: different ways to share the best practices of teachers and the project work of children and youngsters. In classrooms all over the world, innovative ideas are constantly emerging from small things. But for these innovations to turn into the foundation for global changes, they will need to be brought out of the classrooms for others to see and discover. 

Join in for the next StarT season

You can participate in the international StarT 2019-2020 competition now (participate here). Teachers can participate in the competition by describing the projects they have carried out with children or youngsters, and/or the best educational practice of their learning community until 14.2.2020. The main prize is a trip to Finland. The StarT themes 2019-2020 are: 

  1. Sustainable development (eg. climate change and circular economy)
  2. Mathematics around us (eg. mathematics in art and statistics)
  3. Technology around us (eg. a moving device, artificial intelligence and robotics)
  4. My LUMA (a topic of your choice)

Have a look at our material bank in English for ideas and inspiration for your projects!  

Read also about the international award for StarT-program from the International Partnership Network:  LUMA Centre Finland receives an international STEM education award