Nominees 2020: The final twenty contestants of the International LUMA StarT Awards have been chosen!

A learning community getting their award in international LUMA StarT Awards

The International LUMA StarT Award nominees have been chosen ‒ get inspired by the top-quality science, technology and mathematics projects and educational practices from all around the world!

The LUMA Centre Finland is proud to share the top ten best educational practices and projects carried out in learning communities across the world in 2019‒2020. The videos of these twenty nominees introduce educational practices worth noting and present inspiring ideas for carrying out interdisciplinary project-based learning in schools and kindergartens. Have a look and let the videos of the top contestants of StarT inspire you!

You could see the effort teachers had put in to the projects and to the best practices. It was also amazing to see the innovations by students that were emerged from everyday life.

A Memember of StarT jury

The best projects and best educational practices will be awarded

The International LUMA StarT Awards will be awarded for the fourth time at StarT Gala on 4th of June. Gala will be organized online this year. 

There are 10 nominees in each group:

1. Projects by student teams

2. Best educational practices by learning communities

In StarT learning communities from all around the world share their interdisciplinary science, technology or mathematics related projects and educational practices with us, and we at StarT share them with the rest of the world. This year over 600 learning communities shared their  projects and practices from ca 40 countries.  The StarT jury has now decided the final 20 contestants continuing to compete for the International LUMA StarT Awards. 

We got to see amazing and well executed projects and best practices. There were a lot of amazing projects and practices that would have deserved to get among the nominees. Therefore the task was not easy to the StarT jury.

A member of StarT jury

The International LUMA StarT Education Award nominees 2020 (best practice nominees):

  1. “Air, Water & Land Pollution”, Children of Sarajevo – Kindergarten “Dunje”, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. “Ihmeellinen ihminen – opitaan yhdessä yhteistyö”, Esiopetus Taipalsaari Kirkonkylän koulu ja LAB ammattikorkeakoulu,  Finland
  3. “Where will we use it”NUN Schools Istanbul, Turkey
  4. “Pi & STEM. Famous number Pi, we found it everywhere!”School: “Zhani Ciko”, Albania
  5. “Yhteistyöprojekti Matkalla Marsiin 2020”, Pikkolan koulu, Finland
  6. “Beyond the water!” Scientific association “Aghi Magnetici”, Italy
  7. “21st Century Child”, Ecole Sidi Abdelkrim, Morocco
  8. ” „ECO-FRIENDLY HOUSE WORKSHOP“ ” , Radviliškis Gražina Basic School, Lithuania
  9. “A Yangtze Story”,The Yangtze River Cultural Research Community, China
  10. “Integration of Engineering Design in Teaching STEM “, Al Omareyah School, Jordan

The International LUMA StarT Education Award 2020 nominee videos


The International LUMA StarT Award nominees 2020 (project nominees):

  1. “Vamos salvar o mar!” – “Let´s save the ocean!”, Colégio Valsassina, Portugal
  2. “LUMI-SNOW”, Päiväkoti Piilometsä,  Finland
  3. “Comparison of water quality of the Chimehuín river with that of nearby puddles with mosquitoes”Club de Ciencias Huechulafquen, Argentina
  4. “EcoBiesel”Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal
  5. “An Action Plan to Save the Moldy Books in Yunhai School Library”, Yantian Yunhai School, China
  6. “Alternative Solar Energy”, Primarschule Atelier Zwillikon, Switzerland
  7. “Food Miles and Climate Change”, COLE International Schools / Primary School, Austria
  8. “IS 1°C A LOT OR NOT?”, Siaures licejus / Northern lyceum, Lithuania
  9. “PIP.01”, Alyadodah Secondary School For Boys, Jordan
  10. Clean environment-clean water and healthy food-happy life”, Kindergardner Dječji vrtići Mostar-Mrvica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The International LUMA StarT Award 2020 nominee videos

Offical recognition of exellence 

Due to the high quality of the projects and practices. The jury wanted to give recognition also to these projects and best practices. First time in StarT history we want to give Offical recognition of exellence to projects and practices. These earn the visibility and this honorable mention.

  1. “SnakeBot”, Tampereen lyseon lukio, Finland
  2. “Keyzy”, Shaping Your Future (IMR & I-Form), Ireland
  3. “Machine Learning to Detect Forest Fires”, FISTA, Finland
  4. “Low Energy House”, Primarschule Atelier Zwillikon, Switzerland
  5. “Safety improvement of amusement device in Yi Haicheng-”protective shield” of the swing”, Project-based learning group of “Xing Si” School, China
Best practices
  1. LEARNING THROUGH COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING VIOLET, THE STORY OF A BUTTERFLY, “an ambassador of sustainability”, Colegoi Valsassina, Portugal
  2. “Yksilöllinen mobiilioppiminen”, Paraistenseudun koulu, Finland
  3. “Interactive means and information technology in the service of inclusive education”, Riad, Morocco

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