Students looking at projects on laptop.

The StarT Public Voting starts on March 22nd.

The LUMA Centre Finland welcomes everyone to take part in the public voting of StarT 2020-2021. Due to the pandemic the voting starts a little later this year. Videos of the projects and best practices of this season’s StarT will be released on our Padlet on March 22nd.

The StarT programme was launched in 2016 by the LUMA Centre Finland and their collaborators to support the implementation of interdisciplinary project-based learning in accordance to the newest national core curriculum of Finland. StarT is aimed for learning communities ranging from early childhood education to upper secondary schools.

The long-term goal of StarT is to establish the collaborative StarT model into the annual activities of schools and other learning communities. The StarT teams consisting of children and youngsters from kindergartens, schools, extracurricular groups and homes share the joy of learning in the national and international StarT community, which consisted of over 1000 learning communities from over 35 different countries in this season alone.

We have now published the videos of the StarT projects and best practices that the learning created have produced on our Padlet. The videos celebrate the joy of learning and share the excitement of students’ discoveries! Click the links below and vote!

Students’ projects

Teachers’ best educational practices

The goal of the public voting is to share joy and ideas but also to make it possible for everyone to participate. Like the video on our Padlet that in your opinion is the best project or best educational practice. Like that everyone can vote simply by giving a like! The public voting time is from 22nd of March to 15th of April!