Public’s favourites have been chosen

We have published 61 videos of StarT projects by students and best educational practices by teachers on our Padlet. Now a public voting has been carried out among these videos. We hope that these videos have been inspiration towards project based learning all around the world.

In this season of StarT there were about 1000 learning communities from 35 different countries from all around the world. In the public voting we had 37 projects and 24 practices. Just to be nominated in the public voting is a great achievement itself. You can see videos of projects here and videos of best practices here.

The international public voting has ended on April 15th. Public voting of StarT 2020-2021 was ongoing on our Padlet platform  from the 22nd of March until the 15th of April 2021. During this time everyone had the opportunity to participate by liking their favourite videos. Based on the number of likes the videos received by the 15th of April we have made the decision of public’s favourites. Even though the videos are still available and it is possible to like them, any votes given after the 15th of April have not been taken to account.

Public voting is serving its’ purpose: sharing the discoveries and innovations created by both young people and passionate educators around the world!

The favourite projects of the public

Public’s favourite projects was by the incredible amount of votes, 19 918, Water Rationalization System by WRS youth team from Jordania! Congratulations to the public’s favourite project!

The favourite best practice of the public

The most liked educational practice got 2 722 votes, which is surely impressive! The public’s favourite educational practice is The educational program towards a sustainable society by Aldur Almanthour School from Jordania! Congratulations on your designation as a public’s favourite!

Warm congratulations to public’s favourites for the year 2020-2021!

The annual international StarT gala will be held on 9th of June. There, the best projects and educational practices will be announced. The gala will be held virtually so everyone can participate! Read more about the gala here.