The Science on Stage Festival 2024 will be held in Turku, Finland!

The delegates of Finland holding Science on Stage themed cardboard decorations

The Science on Stage Festival is an international fair meant for STEAM teachers. At the festival, the attending teachers and educators share their educational ideas and meet colleagues from all over the world. This year, around 450 teachers from over 30 countries came together at Europe’s largest educational fair for science teachers in Prague, Czech Republic. The general assembly held simultaneously with the festival decided that the next Science on Stage Festival 2024 will be held in Turku, Finland.

The Science on Stage Festival 2024 in Turku, Finland

City of Turku is located in Southern Finland, by the Baltic sea. Turku is the oldest city in Finland and its restaurants offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy the gifts of the pure Finnish nature. Turku Archipelago is also the greatest archipelago of the World. With all these great features, the city enables myriads of experiences in the fields of science education, nature and culture. Read more about the city from Visit Turku website.

At the Festival 2024, teachers of Finland can familiarize their-selves with their European colleagues’ ideas for a better STEM education: 40 teachers and educators from Finland will be given access to the Festival for the all four days. In addition, there will be held an open day when everyone is welcome to the fair and obtain new teaching ideas.

We are very delighted for having a significant event like the Science on Stage Festival in Finland. We can learn from each other with interaction.

Maija Aksela, Director of StarT and the LUMA Centre Finland

The teachers’ teaching ideas and projects are the core of the fair. Furthermore, there will be workshops, experts giving lectures, demonstrations and the possibility to make a city tour at the festival. The Science on Stage organisation founded in 2000 is in charge of the event and it aims at improving science teaching and encouraging more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering. Finland is presented by LUMA Centre Finland in the organisation.

The delegates’ experiences at this years Festival

The 12th European Science on Stage festival was hosted by Elixir do škol with the main support of the Municipality of Prague, the Česká spořitelna foundation and The JABLOTRON foundation, in co-operation with Science on Stage Europe and Science on Stage Czech Republic. It was under the patronage of Mariya Gabriel, Member of the European Commission and was endorsed by the Czech Ministry of Education.

The delegates of Finland at the SonS Festival 2022 had been chosen as a part of the Finnish StarT program. The delegates are teachers and educators from from Forssan kuvataidekoulu, Länsiharjun koulu and Taipalsaaren kirkonkylän koulun esiopetus. The delegates enjoyed the Festival and obtained new teaching ideas for future purposes.

The Festival was interesting and it gave new ideas for my job. The art teacher’s eyes spotted projects that could be utilized while making art.

Teija Lauronen from Forssan kuvataidekoulu

The delegates of Finland presented their innovative teaching concepts in a fair and in workshops. You can read more about them from our earlier post. These were four days full of exciting discussions, great ideas, and wonderful experiences.