International Public Voting in May – Vote for Your Favourites!

The LUMA Centre Finland welcomes everyone to take part in the public voting of StarT 2021-2022. The voting is possible till the end of May. The goal of the public voting is to share joy and ideas but also to make it possible for everyone to participate. Tell us your favourites!

You can find the videos of the projects and teaching practices included in the voting below. When you have chosen your favourites, vote for them via the form below. The public voting time is from 2nd of May to 31th of May! Voting is a part of the assessment process and can influence on the decisions of the winners of the International StarT Competition.

The International LUMA StarT Award 2022 nominees (project nominees):

Estudi de la contaminació atmosfèrica a Martorell by Martorell, Spain

Urban Farming as alternative adaptation for climate change and source of income for urban community in the pandemic era by Matoa D5, Indonesia

Green Space by Veikkolan yhtenäiskoulu, Finland

Additional Factors In Growth by Lyseonmäen koulu, Finland

Sustainable recycling of contaminated sediment in Yantian River by Yangang Primary school, China

The Exploration of the Secrets of Mangrove Roots — Exploring the Ecological Value of Mangrove Windbreak and Sand Fixation by Shenzhen Yantian Donghe Branch of Foreign Language Primary School, China

Disaster Search and Rescue UAV Project -The Servator, Vinschool Education System, Vietnam

Comparing the ratio of Aluminum migration to the food from different kinds of aluminum foil, Iso School, Jordan

Silk threads, School №1  Ismailli, Azerbaidžan

Just Breath, Terakki Vakfı Özel Şişli Terakki Tepeören Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

The International LUMA StarT Education Award 2022 nominees (best educational practice nominees):

Music hearing with hearing-impaired friends, Korean teachers for STEAM education, South Korea

Science picnic by “2 x 2” science club, Italy

Learning based on crisis and disaster management skills by Elementary school “bani aouf”, Tunisia

A Model of Organizing Online Experiential Activities for Secondary School Students by Cau Giay Secondary School, Vietnam

The Planetarium by Zarqa University Schools and KGs, Jordan

Golden Time by Liangfeng Primary School Zhangjiagang, China

Bud Green Action – The Aerosol Cultivation System by Wentianxiang Primary school, China

Project of sleep by Pikkolan koulu, Finland


The Story of Tastes That Remain in an Ever-Changing World “Omniscient Foods” by MAYA ORTAOKULU, Turkey