The Results of the International Public Voting

The public voting of the International StarT Competition has ended and the votes have been counted. This year, the voting was carried out via a questionnaire based on the project and practice videos. We hope that these videos have been inspiration towards project based learning all around the world.

In this season of StarT there were about 1500 learning communities from 33 different countries from all around the world. In the public voting we had 10 projects and 10 practices. Just to be nominated in the public voting is a great achievement itself. You can watch the videos of the projects and practices here. Based on the number of votes the videos received by the 31th of May we have made the decision of public’s favourites.

The favourite project of the public

Public’s favourite projects was by the incredible amount of votes, 61 685, Disaster Search and Rescue UAV Project – the Servator by Vinschool Education System, Vietnam. Congratulations to the public’s favourite project!

The favourite best practice of the public

The most liked educational practice got an impressive amount of votes, 6 110. The public’s favourite educational practice is Learning based on crisis and disaster management skills by Elementary School Bani Aouf, Tunisia. Congratulations on your designation as a public’s favourite!

Welcome to the StarT Gala and get ready for the next season

Congratulations to the public’s favourites! Do not forget to join us at the StarT Gala on 13th of June at 4 PM to 5.15 PM (EEST: UTC+3). Everyone is welcome to participate in the Gala via internet. Learning is sharing so see you soon!

At the StarT Gala, there will be announced this year’s winners of the International StarT Competition. After the Gala, StarT will have a summer break. We will be back on business again in autumn.