Assessment and reporting

StarT focuses around creativity, innovative ideas and collaboration!
Reporting for StarT 2017-2018 must be done by February 18th 2018 at the latest.

Please read these instructions carefully before filling out the reporting form below.



Each school has a StarT contact person who makes sure that all relevant material is submitted through the StarT website before the deadline according to the instructions. 

Assessment of project work

The assessment of the project work focuses around creativity, innovative ideas, collaboration, as well as the presentation of the projects.

The reflections of the students about their own projects also affect the evaluation. They are to outline what they learned during the project and how well they feel they did.

Check out more detailed assessment criteria for the projects here.

Assessment of best practices

In the assessment of the best practices reported by schools the focus is cooperation within the teacher community and with other actors. The jury is also to look for innovative ways to implement projects and possible StarT-fairs organized at schools.

Check out more detailed assessment criteria of best practices here.