How did they carry out the best practice?

We were learning about better and healthier eating habits, duet to that students have bettered the intake of fruits and vegetables and, one day, one of the apples had the seeds germinating inside it. After observing it for the first time, and understanding what was happening, we decided to seed those apple seeds in class.

After about one month, small apple trees were growing in our classroom for students amaze and joy. Interested on the subject, students noticed that different fruits have different seeds and decided to continue to grow those seeds at school.

After a while, they were testing seeding techniques and plant needs, and intending to implement and program soil humidity sensors to control the amounts of water needed by the different plants.

While developing this project, there was some news in the media about successful experiences taking place on growing plants in the moon. Students wanted to test on plant growing under some moon environmental conditions such as light. To learn about seed germination and environmental conditions on the moon, an active project based learning methodology is being implemented, as well as the collaboration of specialists in the different subjects (Food Science, Biologic Farming and Coding).