StarT Festival

StarT Festivals are regional, larger-scale science, technology and mathematics festivals where young people get to share and celebrate their StarT project creations with an even wider audience than during local StarT-Days. In Finland, StarT Festivals are organized regionally all around Finland by the regional LUMA Centres so that all of Finland is covered. Also a few other countries have started organizing national StarT Festivals – read more about our partner countries here!

However, even if there is not yet a national StarT Festival in your country, we are warmly encouraging those interested to start organizing one! During StarT Festivals the students get to share what they have created as their StarT project with a jury that constitutes of experts from different fields, such as universities, corporations or organizations, and naturally with other students in the region. Students will also peer-assess each others’ creations. This way making the projects becomes even more realistic, exciting and motivating!

What is more, in Finnish regional StarT Festivals students often get encouragement prizes from our cooperation partners. For example, a regional company might give a prize for a team that has created a project that is relevant for their industry, resulting in greater cooperation between industries and schools. The Finnish StarT Festivals also include fun and exciting workshops for both teachers and students. Students might for example conduct exciting chemistry experiments, build robots or code games, and teachers have pedagogical cafes where they get to share their best practices and experiences.