Quick guide for teachers and instructors

How do I participate in the international StarT?

StarT is a programme that offers support for educators in implementing interdisciplinary and collaborative learning. Project-based learning is a great way to let your students explore interesting phenomena and get exciting real-life experiences of science, technology and mathematics.

There are a variety of ways to get involved with StarT:

1. StarT competition

Students’ science, technology and mathematics related projects and teachers and instructors’ best educational practices are awarded annually in the international StarT competition. Along the way recognition and visibility is given to both students and teachers for their efforts, on a local and even international level. The grand prize includes a trip to Finland to receive your awards, but the main point is to share the joy of learning!

  • In a nutshell: make sure you are ready to submit everything by the deadline for reporting (February 2019, date tbc). Before the deadline, let your students carry out in groups a science, technology or mathematics related project with a link to one of the seven StarT themes. The students should create a video of their project (3 min) and keep a learning diary (form for the learning diary is free of choice). If you want to participate with your best educational practice, create a short video (3 min) of it too with a short written description alongside. If you want to, you can also organize a StarT-Day or even a StarT-Fest in your school/institution to present your students’ work.

2. Online courses

We offer online courses for teachers and educators. Read more here.

3. A virtual science club for students

The virtual science club includes videos that guide students to do their own inquiries. Read more here.

4. Material bank

We offer a material bank full of ideas for carrying out projects and inquiries with your students. Read more here.