In general about project-work

In StarT teams of  children and youngsters carry out project work. The project topics are free of choice – the only requirement is a connection to the StarT themesThe format of the projects is free of choice.


The project work of the children and youngsters can include either small-scale projects or large-scale inquiries. Developing a mobile toy, designing a game, programming a robot, setting up a science theatre, thinking of a solution to an everyday problem, or even making a musical could be great ways to get involved!

In StarT the integration of arts and sciences is promoted, for example through drama in the form science theatre. The projects and creations in StarT involve combining natural sciences, mathematics, and technology with other disciplines including music, visual arts, drama, and sports.


The project can be, for example:

– A small-scale study or a large-scale inquiry
– Game, simulation or animation
– Drama, play or musical
– Mobile toy or a piece of art
– Application or robot

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