StarT in extracurricular activity groups

Extracurricular activities provide excellent opportunities for non-formal learning. Groups can freely focus on topics that are of interest. They could even develop solutions to challenges that are relevant to their own everyday lives! 

StarT emphasizes the joy of learning together. Joy and positive emotions are an important part of extracurricular activities and learning. One’s self-image and belief in oneself as a learner is strengthened through positive learning experiences.

Could your extracurricular activity group carry out a project by making a fun video about the physics involved in a circus? Or perhaps by making your own telescope in order to be able to study the night sky?

Like other types of learning communities, extracurricular activity groups are also to submit their projects through the StarT website. Reporting is done through the online form (starting in autumn 2018), and instructions can be found here.


Mathematics around us
Nature and environment
Stars and space
Home, culture and internationality
This works! Mobile toys (only for 6-12 year-old participants)
Technology around us