StarT in high school

Secondary education aims to give experiences of goal-oriented work and peer-learning within teams and projects; students are often encouraged to view themselves as analytical constructors and producers of knowledge that take responsibility for their own learning. Collaborative projects such as those carried out in StarT are wonderful opportunities for students to take on the role of an active learner.

Through collaborative projects students might explore important themes such as sustainable living, global responsibility, knowledge of different cultures, technology, working-life, multi-literacy and the role of the media. StarT promotes interdisciplinary and integrative learning and allows students to explore topics in their projects that are of interest to them.

Does your high school already have a separate course for the implementation of projects? Could an existing course be carried out using project-based learning? How could parallel courses of different subjects collaborate?

Could you your high school have a project about the the ecological effects of climate change, in which biology, statistics, and foreign languages ​​could be combined? Or could you perhaps conduct a study in your school about the students’ means of transport on their journey to school? This could include statistics, mathematics and physical education and the conclusions could be used to develop guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and making sustainable choices.

Like other types of learning communities, high schools are also to submit their projects through the StarT website. Reporting is done through the online form (starting in autumn 2018), and instructions can be found here.


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