Technology Around Us

What is technology? How much we actually use it everyday? In the morning we wake up on when the alarm clock rings, cook food on a stove and take food from a fridge. And when we are leaving home we check that we didn’t forget the phone. Almost all the information can be found from internet. We need a car or other vehicle for travelling. These are only few examples of the technology we use.

Technology doesn’t only make communication and travelling easier but also increases the efficiency of agriculture and the quality of life because the medical advances are based on technology.

Here you can find materials and ideas related to the StarT theme Technology Around Us.  The materials are categorised according to the year group.

Sivun alareunasta löytyy myös teemaan liityvää taustatietoa ja muuta materiaalia, joita voi hyödyntää projektien ideoinnissa.

The best Technology around us projects from earlier seasons

The best Moving Devices projects from earlier seasons