Want to learn more about project-based learning?

As a part of StarT-programme LUMA Centre Finland offers you a free online training on project-based learning! 

COURSE: Project-based learning and the theory behind it – create your own project!

The course is designed to support the participants in the creation of a project-based unit that is in line with science education research, and you will learn about the essential features of project-based learning. 

The course starts on 1st of November 2021 and it takes 4-5 weeks (c. 25 h of work) to complete. Sign up to the course by filling out an online form here the latest on 7th of November.

The course is organized by LUMA Centre Finland in collaboration with the University of Helsinki by Prof. Maija Aksela and StarT’s project manager, Outi Haatainen.

  • During this course the participants will design an interdisciplinary project-based unit that is in line with science education research. You can also participate in the course with a ready project idea and use the course to shape it.
  • The participants will learn about the key features of  good quality project-based learning and the theory of integrated and inquiry based learning from the researchers of the University of Helsinki.
  • The course is suitable for everyone wanting to learn about these topics, and it has a special emphasis on the most popular StarT theme “Nature and environment” e.g. through examples.
  • New topics are introduced weekly, and the learning materials include e.g. reading, discussions, tests and video lectures. Weekly exercises (with weekly deadlines) support the designing of the project-based unit. Exercises include e.g. questionnaires, conversations with the other participants on the course platform and providing (and receiving) peer feedback.
  • A certificate will be given to those who complete the course.
  • The project “recipes” created during the course will be shared with all the participants.
  • The participants will also have a chance to network, and to include cooperation with the other course participants within their projects if they wish to do so.

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. What is project-based learning?
  2. Driving questions and learning goals
  3. Inquiry and scientific practices in project-based learning
  4. Interdisciplinary learning in project-based learning
  5. Collaboration in project-based learning
  6. Artefacts and assessment in project-based learning
  7. Using technology in project-based learning
  8. Your project plan & peer assessment
  9. Materials
  10. Participating in StarT

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