Patron of StarT (2017)

The president of Finland Sauli Niinistö
The president of Finland is the offical patron of StarT.


StarT mentors recommend participation in StarT


Director General Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Finnish National Board of Education

Professor Kimmo Kontula
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

StarT promotes phenomenon-based learning, which allows the importance of science, mathematics and technology as a part of everyday life to open to children and youngsters in a new way. I hope that these student projects will help bring science and scientists closer to the students’ lives and make them more approachable. Interest in science can be sparked through coincidences and random encounters.



Director Riikka Heikinheimo
Confederation of Finnish Industries

The StarT project positively highlights all of the interdisciplinary expertise that 100-year-old Finland will need in order to succeed in the future. The work of forerunners is awarded and used to encourage others. We need more of this positive attitude!



Development Director Laura Juvonen
The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Integrative learning combines interesting phenomena, active engagement, inquiry, and hands-on work. StarT offers inspiration and concrete support for doing and learning together.


Specialist Lieselotte Eskelinen
The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

StarT – the experience of success and the joy of learning for every child and youngster! StarT, with its ideology based on the new curricula, promotes the development of a new way to think and act that focuses around learning through collaborative and creative projects, where students take on an active role. StarT promotes the planning and implementation of innovative projects and team work in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools and extracurricular activity groups. Projects will be carried out in collaboration with different actors in the surrounding society, which opens an endless range of new opportunities for the development of more open learning environments. Interdisciplinary projects allow the combination of science, mathematics and technology with other areas of science and art in integrative learning modules.