Register as a StarT learning community today!

A StarT learning community can be a school (primary, secondary, high school or college), a kindergarten, an extracurricular activity group, or even a family!

You can participate in StarT by describing your projects and/or the best practice of your learning community through an online form.

Also teachers who participate with just a best practice represent a learning community and participate as a learning community.

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Register to StarT (new registrations)

Please note that the registration form is already open for reporting projects/best practice to the international StarT competition. The StarT projects and best practices are reported after StarT has been carried out in the learning communities.

You can register as a StarT learning community even if you are not ready to report yet. Just type in “0” for projects and best practice, and only sign up the contact persons of the learning community. Registered participants receive information messages and reminders about deadlines. You will have time to add and report the projects and best practices until the 17th of February 2019.

If you want to report your work already, read first more about reporting here and see the instructions for the online form. Please assign time for reporting and read the instructions as the selection of the winners of the international StarT competition will be done entirely based on the online form.


Already registered as a learning community? 

Those who have already registered as learning communities do not need to complete the whole form again. When you are ready to report your projects and/or best practice (must be done by the 17th of February 2019), please just add the information about your StarT projects and/or best practice onto the form that you have already completed. You can do this via the “Group’s open registration link” that you received after having completed the registration.


You can participate in StarT 2018-2019 until the 17th of February 2019.

Assessment criteria
A quick guide to StarT 
About StarT competition
More about reporting 


In StarT everyone learns from each others’ ideas and innovations. Welcome to StarT!


Problems with registration form?

If the registration form does not work, please send the following information via email to

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2. Name of StarT contact person:
3. Email Address of contact person:
4. Level of teaching or age-group: (Kindergarten / Pre-school / Primary school / Middle school / High school)
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