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The Finnish LUMA network is looking for cooperation partners in the StarT project.

  • StarT aims to coin a new kind of learning culture in Finland, in which collaborative project-based learning is the central motif
  • In project-based learning children and youngsters carry out creative projects, creations, that are displayed at StarT events in Finland and internationally
  • StarT supports teachers and educators in schools, kindergartens and other learning communities
  • StarT is a long-term project that aims to root itself as a permanent part of work at schools and kindergartens


When you collaborate with StarT, the company’s logo will be advertised in many different contexts related to StarT, the company can participate in StarT festivals and awarding children, youngsters and teachers. In addition the company can influence the support materials produced as a part of the project as well as the themes of the years to come.


The joy of discovery and success – together!

The Finnish LUMA network is looking for sponsors and donations. The funds will go towards the StarT project, which encourages collaborative, interdisciplinary, and phenomenon-based learning.

The support is needed for:

  • Producing of engaging materials for teachers and students
  • Scholarships for students as awards
  • Organising regional StarT festivals
  • Organising the International StarT gala
  • Transporting the project teams to the festivals and gala


Contact information for sponsors and cooperation:

Director of the StarT

Director of LUMA Centre Finland, professor, FT Maija Aksela
University of Helsinki / LUMA Centre Finland
phone number: 02941 50516 / 050 514 1450

Project Manager of StarT

FM Outi Haatainen
University of Helsinki / LUMA Centre Finland
phone number: 02941 50169 / 050 448 9508

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