The international StarT competition

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StarT projects

StarT best educational practices 


Awards and assessment



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The annual international StarT competition has two categories:

  1. Projects by students
  2. Best educational practices by teachers, instructors and other educators

The best projects and best educational practices will be awarded annually.

StarT proceeds as follows:

  1. Project work is done in the learning communities
  2. StarT Days and StarT Festivals to present the work (optional)
  3. Work is reported online in two categories a) projects by students b) best educational practices. Reporting happens in the form of short videos (3 min) and learning diaries (projects) or written descriptions (best practices). Read more about participating here. 
  4. StarT jury reviews the reported work.
  5. The most distinguished projects and best practices continue on to the international public voting on Youtube. Public’s favourites will be chosen through this voting.
  6. The nominees for the International LUMA StarT awards will be chosen by the StarT jury from the projects and best practices that made it to the public voting.
  7. The winners of the International LUMA StarT awards will be chosen from the nominees. The winners will be awarded at the International LUMA StarT Gala, and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 they received a trip to Finland as their main price.