Best educational practices

A teacher or a group of teachers can participate in StarT (as representatives of their learning community) also by describing a best educational practice. A best practice is an educational practice or a model that the learning community has tried and found useful in implementing interdisciplinary and phenomenon-based learning or their StarT projects. The best practice should have a link to science, technology or mathematics.

Please note:

  • Only one best practice per learning community can be submitted annually
  • The best practice should have an inquiry-based and/or phenomenon-based approach to learning (such as project-based learning)
  • StarT best practice includes an aspect of collaboration between teachers of the learning community and/or with outside partners
  • The best practice should have a link to science, technology and/or mathematics
  • Share with us a video (max 3 min) describing the practice so we can easily share your best practice with other teachers (in English). Please note:  the same video cannot be used to report a StarT project and a best practice. If your best practice video describes the model that led to your students’ StarT project, then please submit a video describing this model from the educator’s viewpoint. 
  • Share with us a written description of your best practice (in English). We appreciate a “recipe” like description that allows other teachers to easily repeat the best practice.

You can submit a completely new practice or one that you have been using for years, as long as it has been used at some point during 2019-2020.

Read more about the assessment of best practices here.

How to participate

Register as a learning community and report your work by the 14th of February 2020!

Ideas and support

Have a look at our material bank, participate in our free online courses and check out our virtual science club!