StarT projects

StarT projects are made by student teams. A StarT project gives children and youngsters a chance to show their expertise, and to make use of their own interests and creativity as the project can be almost anything you can think of! 


Carrying out the projects

StarT projects are carried out in teams consisting of children and youngsters. The minimum team size is two students, but the size of the team is not otherwise predetermined: some projects, like theatre, require a big team, others (like programming a game) may be easier to carry out in smaller groups. However,  one student can only participate in one project team, and a project team can only report one project. The submitted projects must also have been ongoing at some point in 2021-2022.

It is important that the project is a product of the students’ work. However, the teacher or the instructor will naturally support the students throughout the project, but the degree of this support should be adjusted to the age of the students. 

Only your imagination sets the limits to what the project can look like. StarT project can be a small-scale project or a large-scale inquiry. You could for example develop a mobile toy, design a game, program a robot, set up a science theatre, find a solution to an everyday problem, or even make a musical! 


The topic of the project

The only requirements for the project topics are:

  1. The project has a link to science, mathematics or technology (feel free to combine them with each other and other subjects!)
  2. … and a link to one of the StarT themes. 

All projects should include:

  1.  A project creation
    All projects should end with some kind of a creation. It can be for example the results of your research presented in a visual way, a game you can play, a work of art, a moving toy, a robot or a play – anything you can think of! We appreciate creativity and new innovations.
  2.  A video describing your project 
    Create a short video of your project creation (max 3 min). Show your team in the video, too! If the video is not spoken in English, it should include English subtitles. Please note:  the same video cannot be used to report a StarT project and a best practice. The StarT project videos are primarily made by the students and should describe the students’ work and the end product. A best practice video describes what has been done from the educator’s point of view. 
  3. A project diary
    All project teams must keep and submit a learning diary. The form of the diary is free of choice: it can be text, photos and/or video… The diaries are to outline what students learned during the project. The diaries can be created in the native language of the students, but to assess the project, we will need at least a summary of the diary in English.

Read more about the assessment of the projects and awards here.


How to participate

The online reporting form to StarT 2022 opens in January 2022. Read more about participating here.


Ideas and support

Have a look at our material bank, participate in our free online courses for teachers and check out our virtual science club!



If you have questions regarding StarT, please have a look at our frequently asked questions page.