The International LUMA StarT Gala 2018 in Finland

The StarT Gala is a memorable award ceremony organized annually to celebrate the joy of learning in StarT. The International LUMA StarT gala 2018 took place in Tampere, Finland on the 5th of June.

In the StarT gala, we award the top three project teams with the International LUMA StarT Award and top three best practices with the International LUMA StarT Education Award (read more about the awards here).

This year, these honoured awards were handed by the Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education, Olli Pekka Heinonen.  In the International LUMA StarT Gala 2017 these honoured awards were given out by the Minister of Education of Finland. Read more about Gala 2017 here.

Everyone is invited!

You are warmly welcome to participate in the gala! The gala is free of cost, and the dress code is a dark suit. To attend the gala, please register here. The StarT gala is a part of the programme of the International LUMAT Symposium 2018. LUMAT Symposium is an international symposium 5.-6.6.2018 in Tampere, Finland, and everyone involved in science, technology or mathematics education is welcome to attend it free of charge.


Watch the gala here

The gala was livestreamed online to make it possible for everyone to watch it. You can watch the recording of the gala here. Find the best of StarT 2018 here.


The programme of the International LUMA StarT Gala 2018:

14-14.20 Opening of the gala, welcoming speech

14.20-15 International LUMA StarT (Education) Awards are given to the winning groups

  •  The awards will be handed by the Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education, Olli-Pekka Heinonen

15-15.10 Music

15.10-15.45 Best national teams  – diplomas are given

15.45-16 Final words and music


Thank you to everyone who participated in StarT 2017-2018! Register here for StarT 2018-2019

Register as a learning community for StarT 2018–2019 here (registration open until the end of October 2018. Reporting of the projects of children and youth, and the best educational practices of  teachers and instructors starts in November (tbc) and must be done by February 2019. Reporting the work does not require registration, but by registering as a learning community you get additional support from us)

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