Welcome to StarT-programme!

The StarT programme support the implementation of interdisciplinary project-based learning in accordance to the newest national core curriculum of Finland. StarT is aimed for learning communities ranging from early childhood education to upper secondary schools.

The main goal is to strengthen the interest of children and youngsters towards mathematics, science and technology.

StarT brings people together from all around the world and allows them to experience the joy of collaborative learning and joint success. StarT is exceptional as everyone learns together as a learning community by carrying out phenomenon-based and cross-curricular projects. Furthermore, in StarT different learning communities share their best educational practices.

Everyone can be a part of StarT: learning communities, teachers, specialists, students, families and companies – just find your own role – either working on the projects, participating in our activities or supporting the projects as a specialist or sponsor. 



The StarT programme in a nutshell

The flagship of StarT programme are the annually handed out International LUMA StarT Awards for best educational practices to teachers and educators; and for best projects to teams of kids and youth.  Under the “StarT competition” you can find more information about this annual competition, such as the assessment criteria, themes and awards.

However, the international StarT includes much more. Have a look for example at the “For educators” section to see what StarT offers for teachers and instructors, participate in our online courses, or in our virtual science club, “StarT GoEdu!”.

Do you want to start organizing StarT nationally in your country? Read more here about becoming an official StarT partner country.

You can also support children’s and youngster’s work and studies on Science, Mathematics and Technology as a StarT sponsor.


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