Official StarT partner countries

The StarT programme is a Finnish initiative, launched and organized by the LUMA Centre Finland. In Finland StarT is organized as two separate entities: as the national Finnish StarT for Finnish participants and as the international StarT that is open for everyone around the world. The national StarT allows for example awarding the best national teams, organizing big regional StarT-Festivals, a national StarT gala and of course reporting and participating in Finnish.

As StarT continues to spread around the world, we are proud to announce that we have already established official partnership agreements with three countries: Estonia, China and Turkey!

As such, everyone wishing to participate in StarT from these countries is instructed to contact their local Start representative. A national StarT office allows better national support for the participating StarT teams, as they can participate in their native language, and national StarT events can be organized. Depending on the local representative, a national StarT Festival and a national StarT Gala ceremony may take place – please contact your local representative for further details!

Participants from our partner countries can still participate in the international StarT too, but this has to happen through their national StarT office.



The StarT representative in Estonia is Innovation Centre Innokas. Innokas is a non-profit youth organization promoting the science, technology and entrepreneurship education for children and the youth in non-formal and informal settings at all school levels.



The StarT representative in China is the China STEM Curriculum Education Research Center. The China STEM Curriculum Education Research Center belongs to China Education Department which is responsible for the education reform and curriculum development and promotion in China.



The StarT representative in Turkey is the Erentay Education Consultancy. Erentay Education Consultancy aims at creating a motivating and inspiring platform for presenting and exchanging the unique and innovative approaches and ideas of both STEM teachers and young learners, whilst addressing the issues related to science learning and sustainability in Turkey by cooperating with European and overseas projects.

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Nilgün Erentay,