Official StarT partner countries

The StarT programme is a Finnish initiative, launched and organized by the LUMA Centre Finland. In Finland and our partner countries StarT is organized on a national level. The national StarT allows for example awarding the best national teams, organizing big regional StarT Festivals, a national StarT gala and of course offering support in the native language of the participants.

As StarT continues to spread around the world, we are proud to announce that we have already established official partnership agreements with four countries: Estonia, China, Jordan and Turkey!

As such, everyone wishing to participate in StarT from our partner countries will register with and report their work to their local Start office. The national StarT offices in our partner countries will nominate the national best students’ projects and teachers’ best educational practices for the international StarT competition. Participants from any other country than Estonia, China, Jordan and Turkey register directly with and report their work to us.

A national StarT office allows better national support for the participating StarT teams, as they can have support in their native language, and national StarT events can be organized. Depending on the local representative, a national StarT Festival and a national StarT Gala ceremony may take place – please contact your local representative for further details! 



The StarT representative in Estonia is Innovation Centre Innokas. Innokas is a non-profit youth organization promoting the science, technology and entrepreneurship education for children and the youth in non-formal and informal settings at all school levels.


The StarT representative in China is the China STEM Curriculum Education Research Center. The China STEM Curriculum Education Research Center belongs to China Education Department which is responsible for the education reform and curriculum development and promotion in China.

Contact information:

Sun Xiaokui:



The StarT representative in Jordan is Innovation for Creativity Development Association (ICDA). ICDA is a Jordanian non-profit association, established in 2013 and registered with the Ministry of Culture. It is concerned with the development of the capacities of children and youth through the provision of various academic, technical, social and educational services, especially in the areas of talent, creativity and innovation. ICDA aims also to improve students’ attitude towards science and supports their practices of scientific methodology, project-based life-long learning, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. It also seeks to enable teachers, students, and supervisors to manage and conduct science, math and technology projects.

Find the contact details and read more on the website of StarT Jordan:


The StarT representative in Turkey is the Erentay Education Consultancy. Erentay Education Consultancy aims at creating a motivating and inspiring platform for presenting and exchanging the unique and innovative approaches and ideas of both STEM teachers and young learners, whilst addressing the issues related to science learning and sustainability in Turkey by cooperating with European and overseas projects.

Read more on the website of StarT Turkey:

Contact information:

Nilgün Erentay,

Become LUMA Centre Finland’s partner in organizing StarT in your country!

So far we have had participants in StarT from over 40 countries. We are always on the lookout for new partners from countries where there is no national StarT office yet, so if you would be interested in organizing StarT activities in your country, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at!

In our partner countries the local StarT office does the practical arrangements and dissemination of StarT. As a resutl, the participants can have local support in their native language and local StarT events, such as StarT Festivals. We will provide you with the materials that you can translate, and the framework and schedule for the process.

What does a national StarT office do? 

Everyone wanting to participate in StarT from our partner countries reports their work and registers to their national StarT office, and a national StarT jury established by the national StarT office decides the best national project teams and best educational practices that will participate in the international StarT competition. Last year the LUMA Centre Finland awarded the winners of the main prizes of the international competition with a trip to Finland to receive their awards at the annual StarT gala.

As a national StarT office you can also organize a national StarT Festival in your country, where teachers and students get to present their projects and best practices with each other. In 2018-19, Estonia, China, Jordan and Turkey organized their own national StarT Festivals. In Finland the local LUMA Centres organized 10 regional StarT festivals in 2018-19.

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If you got interested, contact us at!

The delegation of StarT Jordan handed a certificate of appreciation for the Director of LUMA Centre Finland, Prof. Maija Aksela for the fruitful collaboration between the Jordanian Innovation for Creativity Development Association and LUMA Centre through StarT. Photo from the LUMAT Symposium 2019 in Jyväskylä.