Welcome to StarT 2020-2021!

A StarT learning community can be a school (primary, secondary, high school or college), a kindergarten, an extracurricular activity group, or even a family!

Becoming a member of the International Start community for the current school year (2020-2021) is free of charge. You only need to fill in our online registration form (see under).

You can participate in the international StarT by registering your learning community via an online registration form. To participate in the international StarT competition you will later on need to describe the projects and/or the best practice of your learning community through the same online form. The online form for StarT 2020–20201 will be open until the 14th of February 2021.

Register to StarT 2020-2021

To register you only need to give us your (and your learning communities) contact information. You can edit and add information later on, including reporting your projects/best practice (but no later than 14.2.2021). Registered participants receive information messages and reminders about deadlines.

Register to International StarT 2020-2021 here

Finnish participants, please register here

NB. Are you participating from one of our StarT partner countries (China, Jordan, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey or Ukraine)?
All participants from these countries should register with and report their work to their national StarT office.
See the contact information here. 

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Ready to report?

Reporting of projects and practices will open in December 2020. We will inform all registered participants.

If you have already registered, you can report your projects/best practice by using “the group’s open registration link” included in the confirmation email. You can also share the link for example to a project team and they can fill out their own section of the form. You will be able to edit the information until the reporting deadline 14.2.2021.

If you cannot find your confirmation email and the links it includes please contact us at info@start.luma.fi.

Also teachers who participate with just a best practice represent a learning community and participate as a learning community.

Each learning community should have a StarT contact person who makes sure that all relevant material is submitted through the online form before the deadline according to the instructions. 

The evaluation is based on the information provided through the online form by the deadline (14.2.2021). Please assign time for filling out the form as the selection of the winners of the international StarT competition will be done entirely based on the online form. No information can be added or changed after the deadline, and submissions not meeting the criteria will be ignored.

Please note that as the goal of StarT is to share ideas and give visibility for work done in learning communities, by reporting your work to StarT you share the rights related to using, sharing, publishing and editing submitted material with LUMA Centre Finland.

Please make sure you have read the instructions carefully:

More information:

In StarT everyone learns from each others’ ideas and innovations. Welcome to StarT!