Start together for a good future

Welcome all around the world to learn and share through project-based learning!

The StarT project has been launched in honour of Finland’s centenary by The LUMA Centre Finland, together with its network of cooperation partners. Schools, kindergartens, families and extracurricular activity groups from all around the world are invited to invest in the future and take part in StarT to share the excitement of collaborative learning!

The president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, was the official patron of StarT in 2017.

StarT promotes interdisciplinary, project-based and phenomenon-based learning – it puts science and technology into a context that is relevant for students and makes learning both exciting and meaningful. It also supports girls’ interest towards science, technology and mathematics through creative working methods and contexts that girls find fascinating. With support from StarT everyone from around the world learns together and from each other through project-based learning!


StarT brings people from all around the world together to share the excitement of working, succeeding, and learning together. We kindly ask you to pass on the invitation to join StarT to others in your home country. Participation is free of charge, welcome along! (Link to registration)

Project-based learning in StarT

The project involves students carrying out science, math, and technology projects in schools, related to the seven StarT themes which will be on display at science fair events organized as a part of StarT – the project strives to give student projects and educational models developed by schools the visibility and fame they deserve. The media will also be following the progress of the projects – so stay tuned!


The projects carried out by students can be either small-scale explorations or longer learning modules. StarT encourages schools and kindergartens to develop their own models of interdisciplinary project-based learning that work best for them!


Learning together

StarT gives schools and kindergartens new ideas and support for the implementation of project-based learning and establishes a new kind of science-fair culture that focuses around collaboration. Learning communities network with each other, get visibility, and learn from each other as they see each other’s projects and ideas. The best student projects and best practices developed by schools are awarded by the StarT jury, and the grand prize is a trip to Finland. Check out the StarT awards in more detail here!

The main objective of StarT is to emphasize the role of the learning community a collaborative learning environment. Learning can be exciting, meaningful, and effective all at the same time – StarT is aimed at just that!


Instructions for countries participating from outside of Finland

The instructions found on this English version of the StarT website are only for schools, kindergartens, and extracurricular activity groups participating in StarT from outside of Finland. Instructions for participants from Finland can be found on the Finnish and Swedish versions of this website. Check out the schedule for StarT here.