Sustainable Development


Photo: Tyler Casey

On this page you can find ideas and materials for your StarT projects related to sustainable development. Check out for example the videos, learning diaries and descriptions from our participants from the earlier StarT seasons! 

Sustainable development means development that does not compromise the well-being of future generations. Sustainable development forms the basis also for the Finnish education system. The current and future generations need to create and develop plans that ensure the sustained development of nations in a global community. This complex national and international challenge requires education that ensures society’s problem-solving abilities.

These materials support Finland’s commitment to European policy-making and concrete implementation of sustainable changes to society.

“Students achieve the necessary preparations for evaluating and pursuing their own, community-based and and national strategies for a more sustainable future.” (Finnish National Agency for Education, 2014)

20-20-20 goals, the European Commission:

  • Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 20% by 2020
  • Increase of renewable energy sources by 20% by 2020
  • Increase of energy efficiency by 20% by 2020

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