How did they carry out the best practice?

Since I was posted in a rural isolated school, I started thinking of some new ways to manage the multi-grade classroom and combat the absence and school dropout especially for girls. I had to think of something special that will make my children love to come to school, this where the idea of using the magic of ICT and making weekly surprises has come from! I brought 2 laptops with additional batteries to surpass electricity absence, it was the first time my students have touched a PC, and they get familiar with it so fast! I started by creating and programming my own educational digital resources, android Applications and videos, responding to my pupils’ needs, and could be used on computers and mobile devices! With the magic of technology, parents started to think again about the importance of education and that girls can do magic with the power of education, which highly decreased the absence rate! Those innocent eyes waiting for me every morning to try something new, pushed me into giving everything I have, to improve education for children and especially girls, in schools and regions in hard conditions. After 3 years I thought about getting my work to another level, and I started working on pupils’ skills in a larger field (especially in a marginalized schools situated in neighborhoods known by crime and poverty!). A global project which I called the “The 21Cc : The 21st Century Child” has born, with the objective of making my students believe in themselves, getting closer to their teachers, by doing lots of activities, being a part of local and global projects, and communicate not only with their comrades in the same school, but with friends and experts from all around the world using Skype in the Classroom!

We worked also on coding projects, communication projects, SDGs project in collaboration with schools from different countries, and this has made of our marginalized school so famous and got its first international certificate and published for the first time its first school magazine, considered as the best in the whole region!

Sidi Abdelkarim primary school in Settat City in Morocco, in only 2 years after using this method and integrating ICT in innovative ways, could publish its first website in collaboration with its teachers and students. We won the first prizes in so many competitions, we could have a place in the Microsoft Schools list, and we could change the school from a marginalized school with bad reputation, to one of the best schools in the region. With no financial resources, me and my pupils could work together to get prizes which could help us improving our learning journey!

Tried a project-based learning approach that depends on students group work to make researches about SDGs or real-life topics and then discuss them with their comrades and with other students from other countries via Skype! That improved my students’ research, ICT and communication skills! Besides that, my children, by connecting to other cultures and schools, they get involved into global projects which make them use ICT to realize SDGs in collaboration with other students and organizations! Also, this approach makes my children more confident and have a clearer vision about their ambitions and they accept others, because I believed from the beginning, that if they accept others, they will definitely accept themselves, I believed that they could surpass their reality and all the hard conditions around them!

Coding with the micro:bit, programming robotics, using the Virtual Reality and expressing themselves by creating videos, could impressively improve my children’s communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills, so that they could make a place in global projects as No.More.Plastic, Arab Reading Challenge, Diy4Earth, Climate Action, Africa Code Week, and more…

As a MIE Expert, a Skype Master Teacher and a MIE Master Trainer, I decided to share this experience as much as I could, by training teachers and inspiring new ones, and also sharing digital resources for students, so that the magic and power of ICT could achieve every classroom, to attend a quality education for every child! And I create also for free videos and Applications to share them with parents and teachers, to encourage using ICT in learning activities!

This method and experience, decreased to violence rate in my classroom, and changed so many children, by orienting their energy to improve themselves instead of feeling marginalized! ICT is not a myth for them anymore, and I’m really lucky to have such children, and I’m really proud of them!

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