How did they carry out the best practice?

Interactive means and information technology in the service of inclusive education
A project directed to children with special needs at the Class of Inclusive Education at the Riyad School in Ait Ourir
In our class ten champions
who fight to defeat their handicap. These heroes suffering from various disabilities: intellectual disability, autism , tri-chromosome 21, hearing disability, hyperactivity and distraction.
About three months ago I started working in the Class of Inclusive Education and starting from The reality of the class , and after defining the needs of the learners, I decided to work to raise the quality of the learning in these class and to ensure the formation of an independent personality for the learners by working on preparing digital resources and interactive books (inspired by the Montessori method) to support the focus, fine mobility, and achieving independence. Prepared in consultation with Medical specialists To choose what suits this category .
On the motor side, I worked on preparing interactive books and training students on manual work.
On the knowledge side, I chose to hire CIT by the creation of digital educational resources: Using Scratch and PPT
• puzzle game, maze game, color and shape game and memory game

• Aimed at stimulating : visual memory ,focus, logical connectivity and fine motor.

You can read more about the project here or here