StarT GoEdu! – Virtual Science Club


Welcome to the StarT GoEdu! -virtual science club!

The StarT GoEdu! virtual science club inspires kids and youngsters to observe the environment and to carry out their own investigations related to their own interests. The tasks in the virtual club are directed at 3rd-7th graders, but anyone is free participate! The virtual club is a part of StarT.

In the Autumn of 2017 StarT GoEdu! -virtual club will focus on the following StarT-themes: Everyday mathematics, health and wellbeing, and stars and space. We will be building miniature buildings, taking a field-trip to a trash can, and programming our own games. Each week the StarT GoEdu! -video will give you instructions for carrying out your own inquiry. The format and scope of the investigation are entirely free of choice. Welcome along!

Participating in StarT GoEdu -virtual club

The virtual club will be taking place 26.10.-30.11.2017. During this time a new club video is released weekly on the StarT-website. Participants watch the club videos and carry out their own investigations according to the instructions. With the help of a guardian, participants can also report their investigations on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #startluma and #startgoedu. On Facebook you can post your pictures or videos on the StarT – English page. (Search for “StarT – English”.) We can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

Together with your friends you can also participate in StarT 2017-2018 with your investigations! More detailed instructions and registration can be found at

Participation is free of charge

Participation in the club is entirely free of charge. You can order a reminder message about the start of the club from here.

More information

Inquiries and contact: LUMA Centre, University of Helsinki, Essi Purhonen

Club videos: dates and weekly themes

1. Mathematics around us

Coming 26.10.2017

2. Nature and environment

Coming 2.11.2017

3. Well-being

Coming 9.11.2017

4. Stars and space

Coming 16.11.2017

5. Home, culture and internationality

Coming 23.11.2017

6. Technology around us

Coming 30.11.2017