share your project work with us by the 14th of February 2020!

In StarT students carry out projects related to science, technology or mathematics, and teachers get support for the implementation of interdisciplinary and collaborative project-based learning. We share and award the most distinguished students' projects and teachers' best educational practices annually to spread innovations made in classrooms around the world.

Teachers and students: join us in sharing the joy of learning! Report your project work to us by the 14th of February 2020 for a chance to get international visibility and win awards.

As a member of the international StarT community you get to benefit from our materials, trainings and awards for students and teachers – welcome along!

Start 2018-19: see the winners of last year!

The International LUMA StarT award winners of 2018-19 were chosen and published in June 2019.

Congratulations to all the awarded students and teachers and a big thank you to everyone who participated in StarT 2018-19 and our collaboration partners!

Check out the best science, technology and mathematics related projects by students and teachers' best educational practices from StarT 2018-19, get inspired and learn from our participants!
Welcome from all around the world to learn and share through project-based learning! StarT is organized by the LUMA Centre Finland and its cooperation partners.

Schools, kindergartens, families and extracurricular activity groups from all around the world are invited to take part in StarT to share ideas, inspiration and the joy of collaborative learning!

Join StarT Go Edu! virtual science club!

StarT Go Edu! is a virtual science club in which anyone can participate anywhere at any time. Just watch the videos, see the instructions and let the students carry out their own investigations and observe the environment!

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