StarT Days

StarT Days are events where the joy of learning is shared on a local level. The goal of the day is to share and celebrate the students’ creations with your own learning community, and possibly also with parents, relatives or others from the outside of the learning community!

We encourage every StarT learning community to organize their own StarT Day to give the students the possibility to show what they have created as their StarT project! The StarT Day can be carried out exactly the way you want to, at any time and any form – you can also integrate it into an existing event or include it in your teaching plans as an annual event.

Your own StarT Day could be for example…

  • A part of a science/technology/mathematics week
  • A part of an existing event
  • A StarT Day for the whole town/community
  • An activity during a break

You can also find ideas on how others have organized their StarT Days from the best practices from previous seasons (2018 and 2017). Remember that you can share your StarT Day as a part of your learning community’s best educational practice!

Share the fun with us and others in social media using #startluma and @lumasuomi!