The favorites of the public 2020 have been chosen!

Students working on their StarT projects

We have published 92 videos of StarT projects by students and best educational practices by teachers on our YouTube channel. From these videos the public has had a opportunity to vote for their favorite. We hope that these projects and practices have inspired you and given you new ideas how to implement projects based learning to your classroom. 

In StarT 2019-2020 there are over 600 learning communities from over 40 countries from all around the world. In the public voting we had 53 projects and 39 practices. All the projects and practices that made it through the preselection to the public voting should be more than proud of themselves! 

The international public voting has ended! Public voting of StarT 2019-2020 was ongoing on our YouTube channel from the 16th of March until the 5th of April 2020. During this time everyone could watch the videos and give likes for their favorites. Based on the number of likes and times the videos have been viewed, we are proud to announce that the favorites of the public 2019-2020!

Public voting is serving its’ purpose: sharing the discoveries and innovations created by both young people and passionate educators around the world!

The favorite projects of the public 2019-2020:

The project Improvement of Collection and Processing of Polymeric Wastes in Cities from Ukraine! On the video you will meet Igor who is an ninth grader. He introduces a device for the compression of polymeric waste. Watch the video of project that has been watched 5000 times on YouTube and has over 2100 likes!

Based on the votes (likes) relative to the number of viewers, we are proud to announce another favorite of the public from Jordan! The project A robot that mimics the teacher’s function also known as PIP.01. In 9 months and after 13 failures the students have created a robot that recognizes more than 60 voice commands, not to mention the exploring mode or voice recognition feature. Impressive! Watch the PIP.01 project video below.

The favorite practice of the public 2019-2020:

Public voted also for the best educational practice. Public voted for Chess is a Magic Game from Ukraine! Who would have guessed that there are so many ways to use the classic game chess! This practice is truly magical. Watch the video below.

Congratulations for the favorites of the public!

Also the rest of the videos gained an admirable number of views and likes! Hopefully the videos have helped you by offering plenty of ideas and inspiration for carrying out project-based learning in your own learning communities! You can still see the rest of the videos on our YouTube channel. 

Click here for teachers’ best practices and here for students’ projects

Once more, a big thank you for everyone for sharing your great pedagogical innovations and wonderful projects with us and the rest of the world, and for participating in the international public voting!

Also, remember to register as a learning community to the StarT 2020-2021 from May onwards!

Picture: Chess is magic