StarT gala 2020 hosts Vilma Laiho and Veera Sinikallio

The winners of the international awards of StarT 2020: China, Switzerland, Jordan, Portugal, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The International LUMA StarT Gala took place on the 4th of June 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the gala was held as a live broadcast. The LUMA Centre Finland awards annually three internationally most distinguished science, technology and mathematics related projects by children and youngsters, and three teachers’ best educational practices at the StarT gala. This year the winners came from China, Jordan, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Finland. Read more about StarT here.

The International LUMA StarT Awards were awarded for the fourth time this year. The internationally awarded StarT programme has been organized by the LUMA Centre Finland, a network of Finnish science, technology and mathematics universities, since 2016. So far we have had participants from over 40 countries. In 2019-2020, over 850 learning communities, 4000  teachers and 41 700 children and youngsters have participated in the StarT programme. For the competition we received this year over 580 projects and 300 best practices from 27 different countries.

Indeed, a very interesting and inspiring task; if every task in our working life was this inspiring

Dr. Erik Fooladi, member of the Honorary StarT jury


In the winning projects students created e.g. a solar-powered charging station for electric cars and raised awareness in their hometown about the local pollution problem.  The winning best educational practices showed how cooperation between kindergarten and University of Applied Sciences can benefit both sides. When assessing the projects and best practices, the StarT jury has focused on innovativeness, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and creativity.

I am so blown away by the extensive, exciting and relevant work that the learners are engaged with. Oh my, I really loved working with this…. What a beautiful, learning experience…. It just shows what our children can do, given the opportunity. 

Dr. Angela James, member of the Honorary StarT jury

The public’s most voted favourite projects of StarT 2019-2020 were also awarded at the StarT gala. In addition, the Finnish National StarT Awards were handed.

Winners of the International LUMA StarT Award 2020

Best projects by students

  • “An Action Plan to Save the Moldy Books in Yunhai School Library”, Yantian Yunhai School, China
  • “Alternative Solar Energy”, Primarschule Atelier Zwillikon, Switzerland
  • “EcoBiesel”Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal

Best practices by teachers

  • “Air, Water & Land Pollution”, Children of Sarajevo – Kindergarten “Dunje”, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • “Ihmeellinen ihminen – opitaan yhdessä yhteistyö”, Esiopetus Taipalsaari Kirkonkylän koulu ja LAB ammattikorkeakoulu,  Finland
  • “Integration of Engineering Design in Teaching STEM“, Al Omareyah School, Jordan

Public’s favorites 2020

  • “A robot that mimics the teacher’s function” also known as PIP.01, Alyadodah Secondary School For Boys, Jordan
  • “Improvement of Collection and Processing of Polymeric Wastes in Cities”, Lyceum 4, Ukraine
  • “Chess is a Magic Game”,  School 9, Ukraine

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