Nominees 2018: See the final twenty contestants of the International LUMA StarT Awards!

The LUMA Centre Finland is proud to share the nominees for the best educational practices and the best projects carried out in learning communities across the world in 2017‒2018. The videos of these twenty nominees introduce educational practices worth noting and suggest inspiring ideas for carrying out project-based learning in schools and kindergartens. Have a look and let the videos of the top contestants of StarT inspire you! 

We are proud to announce that the StarT jury has chosen the nominees for the International LUMA StarT Awards 2018 as follows:


The International LUMA StarT Education Award Nominees 2018 (best practice nominees):

  1. Preschool group Puuhiset Satulaiva, Kirsi Rehunen, Finland
  2. Innovation for Creativity Development Association, Suraaya Ayyad, Jordan
  3. Junior Karasin University; ”Club 2×2″ from Children and Youth Center for Creative Activities, Halyna Hodovana, Ukraine
  4. Kulosaaren Yhteiskoulu (Kulosaari Secondary School), Hanna Huhtakallio, Finland
  5. Team Chimera, Richard Spencer, the United Kingdom
  6. MEF Middle School, Simge Sohtorik, Turkey
  7. MTA-SZTE Science Education Research Group and Arany János Primary School Szeged, Erzsébet Korom, Hungary
  8. S.O.S Project Schools, Nilgün Erentay, Turkey
  9. 1B NMS Stromstraße, Katharina Rettenmoser, Austria
  10. Ylämyllyn koulu (Ylämylly school), Pekka Tarva, Finland

The International LUMA StarT Award Nominees 2018 (project nominees):

  1. “EcoChange”, Agrupamento de escolas de Alcanena (Bárbara Correia, Catarina Naia, Guilherme Santos, José Coutinho and Maria Farinha), Portugal
  2. “Grab group versus shovel group”, Automatic parking robot plan (Xu Mohan, Zhang Shuqin, Han Xinxue, Wang Jieting), China
  3. “UV Alarm”, Clube Ciência Viva ESDMII Braga (Francisco Toldy, Filipe Santos, Raquel Moreira), Portugal
  4. “The Galaxy”, Curious Astronauts (Sabahat Demir, Nergiz Demir, Irmak Acar, Şiyar Atak, Cihan Güngör, Oktay Demir, İsmail Atan), Turkey
  5. “Oma peli ohjelmoimalla (pragramming your own game)”, Jyväskylän normaalikoulun alakoulu  (Primary school of the Jyväskylä teacher training school) (Class 3C), Finland
  6. “Tom Yam Kung Project”, National science and technology development agency (Kindergarten school of Thammasat University), Thailand
  7. “Baret_Care”, Turkey
  8. “Hyppy kivikauden elämään: Talvi” (Jump into the life at the Stone Age: Winter), Day Care Center Piilometsä, Finland
  9. “Lemna grinder”, WASTE BUSTERS (Zeynep Sude Çetin, Bora Özkan, Zeynep Eyüpoğlu, Berfin Elçin, Kerim Berber, Umay Eskialp, Melike Damla Özdemir, Aslıhan Eşkin, Gizem İdil Tunçbilek, Bilgesu Gökçenur), Turkey
  10. “#biopolku” (#biopath”), Äänekosken lukio (Äänekoski Upper Secondary School) (Elina Aaltonen, Arttu Hytönen, Liisa Pulli, Linda Savolainen, Santtu Sällinen, Sofia Turunen), Finland

The nominee videos convey exemplary educational practices that take use of an interdisciplinary approach, and promote collaborative learning and active learning in general. By watching the videos everyone can benefit from the pedagogical innovations formulated across the world, and make use of the exciting ideas and quintessential methods for carrying out project-based learning.

We want to congratulate all the groups that have been chosen as the nominees for the International LUMA StarT Awards 2018, and thank everyone else for their contribution to StarT! It was incredibly difficult for the StarT jury to make the decision of the nominees of all the impressive videos you submitted. Hopefully you all have had a great and inspiring time both doing your own projects and watching the videos of the other groups!


The final winners will be announced at the International LUMA StarT Gala


Next, the international honorary StarT jury will make the difficult decision as to which of the twenty nominees will be awarded with the grand prizes of StarT. There will be altogether three projects winning the International LUMA StarT Award and three best educational practices winning the International LUMA StarT Education Award. These six winning groups will be awarded with the trip to Finland to receive their awards at the International StarT Gala 2018. As such, please note that even though being named as a nominee is a remarkable achievement and genuinely something to be proud of, it does not mean that the group has won the grand prize (the International LUMA StarT Award or Education Award).


We welcome everyone to participate the gala at their own cost! However, attending the gala itself is free. If you cannot make it to the gala, remember to watch the livestream of it to find out the final winners! Read more about the gala and find a link to the livestreaming later here.