Reporting for StarT 2018-2019

StarT focuses around creativity, innovative ideas and collaboration!

Once the StarT projects and best practice have been carried out in your learning community, you can report your work to us and participate in the international StarT competition. Reporting happens through an online form as short videos, written descriptions and learning diaries (in English).


Ready to report?

You can report students’ and educators’ work until the 17th of February 2019 via the online form.

Each learning community should have a StarT contact person who makes sure that all relevant material is submitted through the online form before the deadline according to the instructions. 

The evaluation is based on the information provided through the online form by the deadline. Please assign time for filling out the form as the selection of the winners of the international StarT competition will be done entirely based on the online form. No information can be added or changed after the deadline, and submissions not meeting the criteria will be ignored.


Please make sure you have read the instructions for reporting carefully:

Instructions for reporting your work through the online form


  • If you have already registered and you want to report the projects/best practice of your learning community:

Your confirmation email includes “the group’s open registration link”. You can report your projects/best practice by using this link, even if during registration you chose “0” for projects and best practice. You can also share the link for example to a project team and they can fill out their own section of the form. You will be able to edit the information until the reporting deadline.

If you cannot find your confirmation email and the links it includes please contact us at

  • If you haven’t registered yet:

Please note that the registration form is already accepting reports of projects/best practice. You can either report everything (or some parts of your work) immediately, or you can register as a StarT learning community even if you are not ready to report yet.  Just type in “0” for projects and best practice, and only sign up the contact persons of the learning community. You can later report your projects/best practice like described above. Registered participants receive information messages and reminders about deadlines.

If you haven’t registered yet, click here.


The instructions and assessment criteria for

StarT projects
StarT best practices


More information:

About StarT competition
A quick guide to StarT 


If you are participating from Finland, and you wish to participate in…

  • the Finnish national Science on Stage selection, report your best practice in English, but set the language of the online form as Finnish (you can change the language of the form on the upper left corner of the form).
  • the Finnish StarT Festivals, you will need to set the language of the form as Finnish, too. Whether you report your projects/best practice in English depends on your decision to participate in the international StarT competition/Science on Stage selection.
  • the international StarT competition, you will need to report everything in English. If you are not willing to participate in the Science on Stage selection/StarT Festivals, you can set the language of the form as English.