International public voting – sharing the joy of learning!

We have now published videos of the StarT projects and best practices that the learning communities have produced on Padlet. The videos celebrate the joy of learning and share the excitement of students’ discoveries!

The goal of the public voting is to share joy and ideas but also to make it possible for everyone to participate. Everyone can vote simply by giving a like for their favourite project or best practice video on Padlet. The public voting time is from 22nd of March to 15th of April!

Voting pays off as your likes will be considered when the nominees for the International LUMA StarT Awards 2021 are chosen by the StarT jury. The winners of the public voting will also be awarded with a diploma at the international StarT gala.

Direct links to the public voting:

How does the international public voting work?

After the reporting period has ended, the StarT jury will go through all the projects and best practices that have been reported within the reporting period. The StarT jury will choose the projects and best practices that continue on to the international public voting on Padlet in accordance to the assessment criteria.

The international public voting is organized in order to celebrate and share the work that has been done in the classrooms (and outside of them!) all around the world. Sharing the videos on Padlet allows both educators and students to get recognition for the work they have done. Furthermore, we hope that by sharing the wonderful videos describing the work of students and teachers we inspire more people to carry out interdisciplinary and collaborative science, technology and mathematics projects!

Everyone will have a chance to vote for their favourite project and best practice videos. Voting happens simply by giving your favourites a like on Padlet.

The public’s favourite teams will be announced at the StarT gala and they will receive a diploma of their success.