Join Our Online Course on Project-based Learning!

Have you noticed that LUMA Centre Finland is offering you a free online course about project-based learning? The course starts on 1st of November 2021 and it takes 4-5 weeks (c. 25 h of work) to complete. You can sign up to the course the latest on 7th of November.

During the course, the participants will design an interdisciplinary project-based unit that is in line with science education research. You can also participate in the course with a ready project idea and use the course to shape it. The researchers from the University of Helsinki will provide you information about good quality project-based learning and the theory of integrated and inquiry based learning.

The course consists of different topics such as Inquiry and scientific practices in project-based learning and Collaboration in project-based learning. The new topics are introduced weekly including learning materials. Weekly exercises support the designing of the project-based unit.

The course is an excellent kick-start for planning project-based courses and multidisciplinary modules and it offers concrete ideas and support. It also makes it easier to participate in StarT!

Would you like to know more? You can find the course’s information page and the online form for signing in here.

Our new international MOOC “Introduction to project-based learning through StarT” is open!

Our first international StarT online course for teachers is open now! In this course you will learn the basics of project-based learning through LUMA Centre Finland’s education initiative, StarT. The course will prepare you to carry out StarT projects with your students, and provide you with materials, support and tips.

The course will give you an overlook on project-based learning as a teaching method, and show you how the StarT model supports you in carrying out project-based learning that is exciting and interesting for learners. This course also gives you a chance to network and exchange ideas with other teachers from around the world!

The completion of the course is estimated to be approximately 4 hours, and it is entirely self-paced and open all the time (until June 2018). You will receive a certificate after completing the course. The tasks on the course include readingwatching videosconversations with the other participants and short questionnaires.

Sign up now for free here! 

Photo: Tuuli Holttinen, Julia Uusoksa